Kunal Vadhani – AAB Industries LLC

I have used Panache disposables several times. I have also seen them at every other parties that I have been to. My preferred brand out of Panache would be Anaasa and if I have to pick up one product that I really like, I would pick out the Jager Bomb Cup. It is an amazing design and I believe they have developed them in house. Super stuff, great company and great people.

Rajesh Mirchandani – Pioneer Insurance Brokers LLC

I have been using Panache's products especially the red coloured cups that they have on a daily basis. I would really appreciate the quality. I have also visited their factory and the procedure, the way they make their products and sanitation are awesome.

Umang Bhartia – Continental Courier Service

Panache products, if I have to describe in one word, it's fantabulous. The best thing that I like about Panache products is the products are environment friendly and degradable and recyclable. My favourite product line is Raha.

Manoj Pillai – Ventura Global DMCC

Panache stands for convenience. I use Panache products for all my parties at home. Disposable products at its very best. Don't look any futher than Panache for the range of products and fantastic quality. My favourite brand is Raha.

Inna Popova – X Sat FZE

If I would like to explain Panache in one word, I would say versatile. Because the products are really versatile and you can find anything you like for any exquisite taste. Definitely for every party I would recommend Panache products to use for every guests with different tastes. Even if people have exquisite reception with alcohol and like to impress the guests they can very easily choose the Panache products. So definitely I would recommend Panache products especially Mozaik to all my friends who are hosting their parties.

Rakesh Pardasani – Partner at RSM Dahman

Panache products are excellent for parties because they are very convenient and if you are worried that they wouldn't look nice serving guests in plastic dishes, go for the Mozaic brand. They don't look like plastic, rather they look beautiful and very convenient. So YES for Panache.

Matteo Ippoliti – The Language Professionals

Panache disposables, if I have to describe in one word it is Outstanding. I personally will not hesitate to use them for any party or any type of event in which I need disposable products. The line that I like the most is their luxury line which is Mozaik, it gives the sense of beauty which we as Italians always enjoy while using disposable products.

Mahesh Bhatia – Add Connections LLC

Panache is a very reliable and convenient product. I would like to host a party with Panache products and I am in favour of Mozaik products of Panache.

Geofrey Yego – Codic Printing Studios

Panache products- the meaning being enjoying in Swahili- is a beautiful product. You can describe Panache in a lot of words but it has got one word that you can say the products are beautiful, we have used Raha products in Kenya when we were having parties and they are very reliable and people liked it very much

Rajbir Kohli – Brownie Point Cakes and Confectioners

It's impossible to describe Panache products in one word, so I would actually use several of them in explaining them. Panache has a really attractive range of disposable products and cutleries which is a very good alternative to your regular cutleries, no hassles of cleaning or washing them. When you are having a party the one thing that stresses everyone is that you need to clean everything. With Panache products you don't need to worry about cleaning work. It's very cheap, affordable and looks amazing on the table. So I would love to host a party with Panache and its disposable products and also have them displayed in my store.

Muneer Samnani – Oxygen Management Consultant LLC

To describe Panache disposals in one word is very difficult. I don't find one word but I find many words: amazing, stunning and awesome. I will surely use Panache and it's products in my everyday party. I love Mozaic, it's very affordable and easy to use. I wish Panache best of luck for the future.

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