You can download any of our catalogues below or even create your own catalogue.

Download the Catalogues:

Aluminium Products
Baking Products
Clear Containers
Clingfilm & Food Bags
Crystal Plates Trays & Cutlery
Foam Products
Food Containers
Hygiene Wear
Microwave Containers
Paper Products
PET Cups & Straws
Plastic Cups
Plastic Plates & Meal Trays
Raha Retail
Tissues, Dispensers, Fragrances & Other
Wooden Accessories


Create Your Own Catalogue

Our goal is to make doing business with Raha as easy as possible. To help you focus on exactly what you need, we’ve designed a system for you to create a completely customizable brochure that includes just the items you’re interested in.

When you see a product you are interested in, simply click the Add to Catalogue button for that item. On the top right of this website, next to My Catalogue link, we will keep track of the number of items you have saved. When you are ready to print your customized catalogue, click My Catalogue link and follow the instructions on that page.